Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello friends! I hope your Sunday's were as relaxing and creative as mine! I spent almost the entire day in my favorite chair scooted right up to my art table creating a few projects and enjoying every minute!

If only every day could be so easy!  Iwanted to wish my friend Paula McClane a happy birthday! I know I missed a good time at your Mystery Weekend and I can't wait to see pics and pages of how it all went and especially whodunit!!!

So, I'm working on a page for my Secret Sister Swap's Circle Journal..(on  Anyway, I started on one page in which the owner of the page wanted me to scrap about the best advice I've ever gotten. A fun and interesting topic for sure.  Her color theme was black and white with one pop of color (I chose orange).  I decided that the one piece of advice I would use on this page as this:

Direct your thoughts,
Control your emotions,
Ordain your destiny

I first heard of this quotable advice while working for an insurance company in the sales division where I was Branch Manager for the Houston, Tx territory,  Once I learned the meaning of this quote, I took it with me in all aspects of my life and it helped me through many a hard day and lots of rough moments in my life.  I think it is right on the money! So many times when faced with frustrations, hard decisions etcetra, we let our emotions get away from us and end up making spur of the moment, heat of passion decisions.  But if we could find the gumption (I love that word!) to stop and focus our thoughts ON the things we want and OFF the things we don't want, we can make decisions from a better place than when we allow our emotions to get the best of us! 

I got stuck on the layout though because part of the requirements was to include a graphic and for some reason I, with all the millions of choices out there, I haven't found what I wanted to, the project is STILL not complete!  I hate when mojo takes a leave of absence like that!

Here's hoping YOUR mojo keeps flowing like a river!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm working on a tutorial for my Design Team work over at Scrappy Chic Cafe...this is a layout I did using three different techniques...Lacing (FUN!), masking, and something I call 'crystalizing' because of the look of it when I finished! (The mosaics and the rose, plus the corners of the page).  Here's the sure to cruise over to Scrappy Chic Cafe March 1 to check out my step-by-step how-to tutorial:
Journalling reads:  I love this photo of Rafe and Sydney. Even though he's blind he obviously likes the touch, sounds and smells of his new little sister.Makes my heart sing with joy to see it! I miss them so much!