Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Special Tweet!

This is an altered paint can I created for my secret sister on  I plan to make tags to match the can to fill the inside.  Hope she likes it!
I stamped the images on as trip of white cardstock, used colored artists pencils to fill in the background and the yellows and blues on all the papers.  I used ColorBox ink to ink the edges of the scalloped blue paper, which I tore with a paper edge tearer by Fiskars.  Once I had all the inking and colors done on the papers, I glued the scalloped paper edges to the white strip, then clued that to the music notes paper (which is from the Paris Nights collection).  I then added the flowers with brads, made the tag out of the paper scraps left from the can, tied the ribbon and strings on and voila..done!  It was fun to make!  here's a couple of closeups.  Thanks for looking!:


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS MEL!!!!!!!!! LOVE the music paper and the tags!!!!! I'm hoping I'm your LIL SIS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mel, this is really cute! and I love the idea of making matching tags.

  3. As for the heading on your blog...I don't know how to make it smaller..I don't even know how to add pics to that. But, if you want music... just click on my music player on my blog. Pick the music that you want... then copy the code. Go to your dashboard on your blog and add a gadget. Then post the code in the edit gadget box. That should do it. It took me FOREVER to figure this out and I don't really know how to change some stuff either!!!

  4. Melody.... that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
    Sorry Jodi... that can is mine!!!LOL!!!

    Great job Mel!!!!