Friday, August 20, 2010

Acoustic Sound

I've been yearning to get my hands dirty with some paints, pastels or charcoals lately. SO, today I set out to buy myself a new outfit for my birthday tomorrow, but somehow my car drove itself to Michaels instead of the clothing store! hahaha!  I wandered over to the art department and bought a giant canvas, a couple of brushes, some paint and an expensive jar of medium!  When I got home I decided I needed to do some practicing to get the creative juices flowing, so I ended up doing a charcoal drawing.  It isn't my best work, but I did enjoy getting my hands dirty not to mention my face and arms and work table! Charcoal everywhere!  Here's what I came up with:
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


  1. I think it's very neat! I showed it to my big boy, Van & he thought it was cool.. I love your work :-)

  2. thanks so much Paula! Tell Van I said thanks...that's a big compliment I know!